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12 Day Advent Box

Sweet anticipation makes us smile, especially when it comes to the holidays.

Serenity Fibers has created a truly touching 12 day#AdventBox, exclusively for#JuJuKnits.As one of our original #indiedyersfrom our very first pre-Purl pop-up almost 2 years ago, Christina Tomasik beautifully embodied the spirit of our #bindingcommunity — pandemic be darned. She shares:

“The theme of this box was inspired from JuJu Knits’ motto of a Binding Community. A community of fiber obsessed individuals, of all walks of life, who come together in their love & passion to play, create & make with fiber arts. In this box you will find 12 mini skeins, each original colorway inspired by the beauty and energy that Julie & JuJu Knits brings to our Binding Community.”

1. Hope

2. Understanding

3. Connecting

4. Friendships Gained

5. Tea & Talk

6. Dazzling Smiles

7. Laughter

8. Peace

9. Camaraderie

10. Fiber Euphoria

11. Cozy Fellowship

12. Fibre Enabler

Each mini skein is#SerenityFibersMerino Sock 2-ply, 80% SW Merino/20% Nylon

80 yds/20 gr.

Limited quantities - $110 each. Shipping adds $18. Text 817.919.7648 to claim yours today ... they are going quickly, so don’t delay!

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