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Fort Worth Woman of the Month - May 2023

Humbly I share with you a H-U-G-E & unexpected honor from my sweet friend & community leader, Michelle Miles of Fort Worth Woman.

If this article helps even one person who has anxiety, depression, grief or fear learn more about the healing power of yarn, then all my discomfort surrounding being in the limelight will be worth it.


Repost from @fortworthwoman

Meet May’s Fort Worth Woman. Julie Fairley is the Owner of @jujuknitsfw, an intentionally created shop in the Near Southside that is intended to be a gathering space first and retail shop second. With an open living room in the center of the building where anyone is welcome, she created a “heartbeat” within her shop that values the importance for creative-minded people to have a safe place. A safe place where they can “knit, crochet, weave, or spin by reducing stress and increasing mindful creation within a supportive, welcoming community” - much like how she healed her own spirit.


Yarn heals.

Click the link in my bio to read her full story!

📸: Elisabeth Lee

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