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Honored by Meta through Leaders Network 🎉

As we approach the 3rd anniversary of our brick & mortar’s opening during our 1st “normal” year in biz (yes, the timing is confusing … even to me still 😊), it’s a HUGE honor for our local yarn store to be selected as part of the prestigious #LeadersNetwork by Meta.

Social media is THE way our baby biz stayed afloat during the worst days of the global pandemic - period. Sharing our story of the healing power of yarn weaves us with others who continue to generously support our #bindingcommunity.

We stand in gratitude for your continued encouragement of my dream of a decade. Chase your calling, people. The only thing I can promise is there will never be a dull moment.


#jujuknitsfw #yarnheals #fiberfriends #meta #facebook #instagram #dreamchaser #supportyourlys

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