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Knitting Fairy - Pattern Release Gathering, Wed 1/24

Join us as we host our dear #fiberfriend, renowned designer & special guest teacher @theknittingfairy for the release of her newest pattern - Warm Thoughts Cowl Collar.

Meet Alissa Barton of Knitting Fairy Original Designs

Wednesday, January 24

2 to 7 pm

Sneak a peek at this versatile design, which will be part of an upcoming new class in February - Embroidering Your Knitting.

Alissa learned to knit and spin as a child and has never stopped. She discovered a love of teaching crafts in High School and has taught classes around the US since 1990. She has published two books on knitting with bamboo and is currently working on her next book. Find her on Ravelry, Facebook, Twitter, and Patreon as KnittingFairy and as TheKnittingFairy on Instagram.

❤️ FREE - the favor of an RSVP is much appreciated.

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