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More Ch-ch-changes!

We continue to follow science for our #pandemicprotocols. Therefore, it’s time to bust out your best lipstick and smile for all to see.

As of today, Friday, May 14, masks will no longer be required for fully-vaccinated guests of #JuJuKnitsFW.

We understand vaccination is a very personal decision and respectfully request that anyone who is not fully-vaccinated please wear a mask when inside our shop. We offer complimentary disposable masks available for anyone who needs them. We will also continue to support anyone who chooses to wear a mask for any reason — no explanation required.

We are, however, keeping our back door entrance and handwashing requirement. This is a personal business decision that quite honestly, probably should have been the case all along. Squishy yarn can be so hard to keep clean. We love that our fibers are more free from grime and goo, allowing us to provide a cleaner shopping environment for everyone. After all, no one wants to purchase funky fiber.

Thank you to everyone in our #bindingcommunity for being flexible and gracious as we continue to navigate these changing times — thankfully now for positive reasons. Remember, we’re all in this together.

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