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NTYC Totes on Pre-Sale 4/1

No fooling. 🤪

The North Texas Yarn Crawl is springing up F-A-S-T … and this year’s adorable Crawl tote goes on sale April 1.

🌸 Friday, April 22 - Sunday, May 1

🌸 10a to 5p, Mon-Sat & 12-5 Sun

🌸 15 LYSes across North Texas

🌸 Fiber fun for all!

All 15 local yarn stores will be offering tote pre-orders starting Friday, April 1 for $15 each.

Our shop will post a link to purchase online that morning by 10 … along with a special surprise you won’t want to miss, so stay tuned!


#jujuknitsfw #bindingcommunity #fiberfriends #yarnheals #ntyc22 #supportyourlys

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