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Signature Needle Arts Showcase - Oct 20 thru 23

To know them is to love them.

Signature Needle Arts will be in North Texas for in-person testing & purchase for the first time in several years. Join JuJu Knits to see how needles really can be life-changing.

Wednesday, 10/20 - 12n to 7p

Thursday, 10/21 - 10a to 3p

Friday, 10/22 - 10a to 3p

Saturday, 10/23 - 10a to 3p


Each needle is constructed from high quality aluminum and each point is precision turned and hand polished allowing stitches to glide effortlessly. Our needles are made 100% in the United States and meet all state and federal environmental regulations. Our commitment to having the product made here in the United States ensures you will receive a safe high quality product.

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