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Thank You for Your Generosity!

This year has been a financial struggle for many of us … but what if you had the unimaginable burden of having to tighten your belt even further to fund life-saving cancer treatment & medications?

Thanks to all of Y-O-U, our #bindingcommunity is donating 🎉134 🎉 $25 gas cards to Cancer Care Services — a record amount of $3,350 for our 5th year!

To date, #fiberfriends from our tiny LYS have donated $9,451 to help local cancer patients get to treatment.

According to the non-profit, this year’s gas card donation will provide 17,420 miles of treatment — that’s the equivalent of 5 round-trips from Fort Worth to Juneau, Alaska!

THIS is the true spirit of the holidays & why we truly believe in “binding community.” 💜

If you’d like to support Cancer Care Services directly, go to


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