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Thank you to our fiber friends!

Today we will be present with gratitude for yesterday. Our #SmallBusinessSaturday was truly fantastic and we give huge thanks!

You see, fantastic days are rare during a global pandemic — we can count them on one hand since March 14.

Projections are out the window. Comps are laughable. Profits don’t exist & therefore, there’s no draw to pay yourself. We truly are in full on survival mode for the foreseeable future to keep my dream of a decade alive until “normal” life resumes for the world.

I share this with you NOT for pity, but so you know the WHY behind our gratitude... and why I hope you’ll always seek to shop small whenever you can, wherever you can.

You see, there’s a person like me fretting every single hour of every single day about sales, bills, inventory, rent, employees, shipping, e-commerce & all the things behind every single small business out there. We’re all hanging on by our fingernails praying that we finish the year strong to carry us into a typically slow first quarter — which who knows what that will look like because 2020 pandemic numbers look to be skyrocketing into 2021.

This is the 24/7 life of a small business owner in a global pandemic. And yes, we are still grateful.

PS - We have so much more #goodjuju than yarn. Great gifts in abundance! For the next few weeks, we will be open with our #pandemicprecautions on Wed 12-5 as well as both Fri & Sat, 10-3. If you prefer private shopping on Thursday, please text me at 817.919.7648.

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