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Valentine Stitching

Cupid’s got nothing on me. ❤️

Quick squishy stitch of @vickiehowell V-Day Heart Hat in our new @cascadeyarns 220 SW Fingering. ❤️ At only $7 a skein (takes 2 skeins, each color held double), this is going to be a darling & affordable gift.

Stitch marker by @knittyvicki made each round extra sweet. ❤️ Plenty of new sets to make your heart skip a beat are in-store now.

Open Wed 12-7, Thurs/Fri/Sat 10-3. ❤️ Happy to virtually shop & ship - text me at 817.919.7648.


#jujuknitsfw #bindingcommunity #fiberfriends #yarnheals #supportyourlys #yarnyay #valentinesday #cascadeyarns

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