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Living Room is Back Open 🎉

Feels so right. 😊 It’s so very nice to have our living room back open once again! #DYK our comfy couch & chairs are available for stitching & visiting ANY time our doors are open?

While our “formal” (not at all) #fiberfellowship time is 4-7 on Wednesday, ANY one is welcome to hang out ANY time. And if our living room feels a bit too cozy for your personal Covid-comfort, we encourage you to spread out to our light & airy classroom on Wed, Thurs & Fri. (The classroom often hosts classes or trunk shows on Saturdays.)

Our goal is to be a safe & peace-filled space for connections & conversations over the healing power of yarn. Please join us when it’s right for you.


🧶 Wednesday, 12 to 7p

🧶 Thursday, 10a to 3p

🧶 Friday, 10a to 3p

🧶 Saturday, 10a to 3p


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