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Reopen Saturday 1/29 - 10 to 3

We get by with a little help from our friends.

🧶 Lynette, Beverly & Mary will run the store today between 10a & 3p.

🧶 Lynette’s sold-out Beginning Crochet class at 1 pm is still on.

🧶 Missed the end of our Semi-Annual Clearance Sale last week? It’s your lucky day! Only about 1/2 of the sale merch got packed away or repriced, so if it’s still out & marked down, the sale price will be honored.

So very grateful for friends who help us salvage a few sales for this quarantine week. 😷 Please remember, masks & handwashing upon entrance are still required.


#jujuknitsfw #bindingcommunity #fiberfriends #yarnheals #supportyourlys

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